• Welcome to my website. My name is Paul Chehade, candidate for President of the United States of America in 2016. I was born in Wilmington, Delaware and have had a diverse cultural background.  I am an Independent, I believe that a leader of the most powerful country in the planet needs to have the best of the Republican and Democratic parties working in ONE TEAM for which we all should share  “solid moral and truthful principles”, willingness to work and give ourselves fully to and for our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA without distinction of religion, customs, nationality, race or political agenda – that is UNITED!.

I want to be your next President; I want you to work with me to reinstate the principles for and from which our country was founded.  IN GOD WE TRUST and I believe in you; I believe in “We, the people of America”. Let us together “transform” the way politics has taken. Let us remove the wrong doing and reform our Constitution to enable us to lead our country, “our Planet” to be the best home for us and our kids to have a PEACEFUL ambiance with a benign environment that only you with “your vote” can sparkle. I invite you to read my ideas to help recover our country from the most terrible depression of the last century. For the last 14 years I've been the President of a non-profit organization helping thousands of people in need all over the world.  I COUNT ON YOU!


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