From the time of  the Fidel Castro led coup d'état in 1959, Cuba has been at  loggerheads with the United States. Over the years, every American  administration has attempted various diplomatic and economic measures  to destabilize Castro’s grip on power, but none have been  particularly effective. However, there has been a noticeable thawing  in relations between the two countries in recent years, especially  after Castro resigned from his position in February 2008 and handed  the presidency to his brother, Raul.

The biggest  obstacle in influencing a change in existing U.S. strategy concerning  Cuba is the discordant political atmosphere and the contrasting  opinion on the next step in the process. All parties involved appear  to be in agreement over a crucial issue concerning the Cuban  situation: the trade embargo and travel ban have not accomplished the  objective that they were intended for. There is a window of  opportunity here, and with a proper strategy in place, there could  conceivably be a solution in sight.


• The trade embargo on Cuba should be lifted.

• That travel restrictions should be lifted on anyone going to or from Cuba. 

• Must be turn in a democratic country.

• I have lived very closely the suffering of the Cuban people, for this and other important reasons I am going to invite the government of Cuba to start the process of restoring the democracy in their country.

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