Gulf of Mexico Cleanup


We propose a solution to this tragedy by making available new technologically advanced equipment from Italy that will effectively clean the sand and sea of the Gulf of Mexico and I also mentioned that one of the most important Italian Conglomerates is in financial position to invest in the eradication of the Florida coast contamination.

This oil spillage has already decimated the economy and the marine life of a large costal area in the Gulf of Mexico. This damage will continue to grow exponentially in other areas of the Gulf of Mexico and in the coast of Florida.

The real problem of oil spillages in the coastal areas, is when the oil spillage reaches the shores, this will damage and destroy the economy of the areas. Today that no entity in charge or the media has mentioned the truly profound consequences of the tragic BP oil spill event. The oil spill contamination is not only destroying the Gulf of Mexico's marine life for many decades, but it will increase the risk of cancer and other serious diseases that could be fatal to the population of the affected four states of the union due to toxic acid rain. Acid rain will be one of the direct consequences of this devastating accident due to the evaporation of the polluted waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

In Spain in 2002 we had a similar problem with the Prestige spillage accident. This problem was never solved because of the government bureaucracy. Today we have a national catastrophe in which you have demonstrated to be aware and ready to do whatever is necessary to solve the problem.

We work in the decontamination and bioremediation in Europe and around the world. We have already made tests to clean the Florida's Everglades of its contamination with satisfactory results. The expenses to do this were covered entirely by our group of companies, AAA Construction & Development and Vanguard Technologies.

We propose to clean the areas, the sand and the vegetation "In Site" with Biodegradable  Chemicals MPCD and Biological Acceptable Products BIOSINFO that are Environmentally Friendly to accelerate the process of Biodegradation. To do that we need heavy machinery to mix the products with the soil and sand and a lot of hand labor "In Site", this way we solve two problems: - The Contamination and the Unemployment in the area. The machinery we propose is to treat the contaminated  residual to leave  the place clean and in its original condition. The most important is to avoid the necessity to transfer the contaminated material to the chemical landfill.

The effects of Acid Rain in Humans:  Acid Rain looks, feels, and tastes just like clean rain. The harm to people from acid rain is not direct. However, the pollutants that cause acid rain, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) do damage human health. These gases interact in the atmosphere to form fine sulfate and nitrate particles that can be transported by the wind, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles and are inhaled deep into people's lungs. Fine particles can also penetrate indoors. The result is drying of the skin and bacterial infection. This can be unsightly and deadly.

How does Acid Rain affect humans? Many scientific studies have identified a relationship between elevated levels of fine particles and increased illness and premature death from heart and lung disorders, respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, dry coughs, headaches, eye, nose, throat irritations and damage or lungs.

It can cause liver problems and can give you diarrhea. High mercury content can be deadly. The mercury is held in certain organs and tissues of fish and does not directly affect them, but the mercury can be linked to cause brain damage in children along with nerve disorders. Aluminum, which can also be present, leads to kidney problems and to be related to Alzheimer's disease.

The final effect on humans is to our drinking water. As the content of our water becomes more acidic, it can react with lead and copper water pipes, which eventually contaminate our water. Too much copper in drinking water also causes kidney damage as well as liver damage. - What are some of the indirect effects of acid rain? Acid rain adversely affects lakes and streams, forests and other vegetation, When the soil becomes toxic it is nearly impossible for us to plant our crops. Crops will either die or become toxic. If we consume these unhealthy crops, we will most likely get sick or even die.

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