The  equation is simple. Our annual GDP for 2013 stands at $16.6 trillion dollars aprox. (Nov. 2013), about a quarter of the world’s total, while our total  public debt stands at a little over $17.1 trillion dollars aprox. (Nov. 2013). Just like a  credit card, the debt will be charged interest, unless we make a full  settlement on the sum – which we can’t afford to. Now, let’s  throw a little fuel on the fire. We are incurring a projected $1  trillion dollars aprox. deficit for the next fiscal year, which will continue  to grow with each passing year. By the look of things, we will owe  more money than we earn for the first time in our history next year.  Let’s throw in some firewood. No one will lend us any more money,  or rather, no one is capable of lending us that much money.  Essentially, we’re looking at bankruptcy in the very near future.

The  Republicans insists on an immediate halt on any further spending  until the deficit is brought under control. The Democrats fear that  such an action will throttle economic growth and spook our lenders,  and consequently, destabilize the financial sector and create a  domino like effect that will result in the collapse of our economy;  hence the proposal to yet again raise the debt ceiling and pay for it  by increase tax rate even higher..  You worried yet? Join the club,  and start paying attention to the numbers quoted by the candidates.


• The United States must quit spending beyond its means.

• The budget must be balanced.

• The U.S. should live within its means and pay down the deficit.

• I would give up the American empire to reduce debt without sacrifice.

• I think spending should be based on the Constitution.  If all spending had to be justified by the Constitution our spending would be drastically reduced.

• We cannot afford the wars in the Middle East.

• I do not believe that government should bail out private enterprise nor seek to control it. Such acts have ruined our budget.

• I support a Balanced Budget Amendment and on-budget accounting.

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