Business and Labor


•  The creation of a well planned financial environment which favors businesses must be a top priority to this country.  Healthy businesses will improve this country’s employment workforce statistics.

•  This country needs to stop rebuilding China with our trade and outsourcing policies.   This country needs to work towards becoming better efficient by increasing its manufactured products at home, which in turn, will keep  more persons employed, reducing our unemployment rate.

•  Our trade policies need to be reviewed and modified in order to pay off our debt, and start creating more jobs here in this country.

•  Outsourcing of American jobs to other countries must stop.  It only gives businesses in other countries more money, while taking away jobs from this country.   Some CEO’s of some big businesses have as many as 10 homes around the world. More money is needed to be returned to this market first, and then to other markets outside of this country. Plus, it is better business and better communications for this country to communicate with employees in this country, than with those located in other countries.

•  Unemployment  benefits  should be reviewed and updated in order to establish a permanent set of weeks  which  would allow sufficient  time for the unemployed  to seek employment. Extending the weeks of established benefits only encourages people to remain unemployed.

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