As the chronically underfunded  Californian public school system faces the imminent threat of having  one whole month sliced out of their calendar, owing to massive budget  cuts expected in the state education budget, other public schools  across the country continue to grapple with their own set of  problems, including violence, absenteeism, drug abuse and a myriad of  other issues.

As politicians from both sets of the  divide continue with their rhetoric and drum beatings in their search  of a magic pill could resolve the ever burgeoning crisis affecting  the national education sector, our youths have quietly, but surely,  fallen down the ladder among the developed nations. A recent test  discovered that American children are ranked 25th in  Mathematics and 21st in Science among their foreign peers,  while literacy levels remain unchanged since the first survey was  taken way back in 1971. Our failing education policy will be one of  the most watched issues in the presidential race.


• I am  passionate about education, believing it is the solution to many of our social and economic problems.

• I believes that teachers should be paid extra for their experience.

• Raise teacher salaries and cut bureaucracy.

• Create partnerships with businesses to link students to careers and higher education and give them a real goal that they can see.

• Give teacher and students access to newest technology and individual attention.

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