Despite only housing 5% of the world  population, we contribute approximate 20% of the world’s  atmospheric pollution, and it is set to increase. The U.S. Energy  Information Administration, in its Annual Energy Outlook (2011)  report, predicted that at its current trajectory, CO2 emissions  primarily from fossil fuels would rise by another 16% in fifteen  years time, irrevocably committing the nation towards the path of  complete environmental failure.

We are staring at the edge of the  precipice now, as our lack of political will in combating the  excesses of our industrial and manufacturing waste is going to, at  the current rate, poison the very air that we breathe in a matter of  decades. Second hand smoke will be looked upon with amusement then,  as CO2 emissions exceeds 1,000 parts per million of our breathable  air. This is an issue that will affect our children in the long run,  and many parents in the United States will be looking at the issue  with concern.


• The environment is one of the most important issues facing everyone today.

• I support conservative-based conservation efforts.

• I think we should reduce liability for hazardous waste cleanup.

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