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As  the rise of anti-Americanism across the globe shows no signs of  abating, especially among the Islamic world. America’s foreign  policy, diplomacy and general international relations continues to  suffer from the numerous aggressive stance it has taken in recent  years, most notably on its unilateral war on terror and its rejection  of the Kyoto Protocol.

There  has been a growing consensus that the underlying problem with the  United States foreign policy lies primarily with it's short-term  outlook, resulting in a lack of cohesive long-term strategy. Until  this is addressed and resolved, the short-term outlook remains very  much the same. A radical, yet consultative and bipartisan approach is  required here, and it will be interesting to hear the thoughts of the  candidates on the matter as the race starts to gather pace.


‚ÄĘ America should help those who ask but otherwise maintain diplomatic relations and a policy of non-interference.

‚ÄĘ Countries want our help they should have something to give in return other than vague promises of 'working toward democracy'.¬† They need us more than we need them; we should use our leverage to benefit everyone but especially ourselves.

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