Our  successful, if not a little questionable and not to mention widely  perceived to be illegal, toppling of Saddam Hussein and liberation of  Iraq in 2003 were followed by a spectacularly unsuccessful, and much  more questionable, attempt at finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in  Iraq. Following the euphoric celebrations of freeing a country from  an oppressive dictatorship, more than ten years later, we are still  deeply mired in Iraq.

With  over 650 billion spent since then, our 50,000 remaining troops there  is still massively taxing our ailing economy, and despite several  assurances, withdrawal of our forces from there is still not a  feasible option, as the young democracy of Iraq is still dependent on  us to maintain a semblance of order in the country. A sudden  departure by our troops will create a vacuum that will quickly be  filled with militias and more worryingly, the Al-Qaeda.

• Once the region is under control and the government is stable a withdrawal should begin.

• If we are to grow as a race then we need to put aside these petty differences and grow up. There is more to this world then you alone. You need to think as a race not as a person. That’s race as in Human Race. The race is better off working together, even if the people don't like each other. It’s called maintaining the peace. We can only be peaceful world if we work together at it, not separately.

• My question is, why are we fighting their war?

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