As  the 74 year old prohibition against marijuana enter its last leg, a  legal marijuana industry suddenly doesn’t appear to be a pipe dream  any longer. California became the first state to break the status quo and legalize  marijuana. Advocates are already predicting the prospect of a domino  effect among the other states in the near future.

While  medical marijuana has been legal in fourteen states in the United  States for as back as two decades, it is a hugely restrictive process  and highlights complicated jurisdictional processes it is currently  beholden to.

Opponents  have expressed their concerns over the anticipated effects resulting  from such a move – socially, economically and legally – and the  potential for it to become a gateway drug. Advocates however points  at the successful national drug policy of the Netherlands, where  legalization of marijuana has seen crime rates plummet and the low  levels of drug related crimes, coupled with the fact that marijuana  has never killed anyone through direct consumption.


• I think that legalizing marijuana would increase drug problems and crime.

• I believe that strong anti-drug laws are needed.

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