Minimum Wage


Maintaining a  capitalistic, supply and demand system to shape the national wage  structure has always been the mantra of business owners here since  the first call for a national minimum wage appeared in the 1930's.  There is a prevalent argument that a minimum wage system is a symbol  of a welfare state or socialism, and it impedes on the operational  efficiency of businesses. In addition, there is a fear that a high  across the board increase of wages will result in downsizing, as  businesses struggles to maintain their bottom line

Of course, on  the flip side, advocates of the national minimum wage points out that  too often businesses hide behind the profitability argument, ignoring  the fact that people must be fairly compensated for their  contributions to a company, and not expected to sacrifice for large  enterprises. Asking workers to accept lower wages is akin to asking  the average worker to bear the burden of subsidizing the running  costs of big businesses. There is also the fear that businesses often  engage in a cartel like behavior to set an 'appropriate'; wage  structure, thus denying market forces from determining the correct  wage level.

• The minimum wage is too low but that’s not new to anyone. Unfortunately it’s called minimum for a reason. It’s the least amount they are allowed to pay you. It really should be more.

• Does not favor a proposed constitutional amendment that would increase the minimum wage for inflation annually.

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