Poverty  conveys the impression of individuals and families struggling to  afford basic sustenance, shelter and education. Nothing that we  should be concerned about then, since our status as the richest  country in the world precludes the possibility of poverty existing in  our society. Right? No. Really.

Based  on the latest CPS ASEC survey, the United States Census Bureau has  estimated that the official American poverty rate stands at an  incredible 14.3%, the highest since the survey begun 51 years ago.  There are 43.6 million Americans that live below the poverty line. In  other words, one in seven Americans are unable to properly feed,  cloth, shelter and educate themselves and their families.

These  disturbing numbers are not a one off, in case anyone is wondering.  The numbers have been steadily declining for years, and the worst  part is, the poverty rate among children under the age of 18 is  20.7%. That’s one in five of our kids, the very same ones who will  inherit the country.


‚ÄĘ I think that education is the key to the opportunity to escape poverty.

‚ÄĘ I think poverty means malnutrition, poor grades, poor education and has long term consequences.¬† Improving education is essential to defeating poverty.

‚ÄĘ I believe that communities should work together instead of depending on public assistance.

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