Prescription Drugs


The  National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) contends that up to 20%  Americans have illicitly consumed prescription drugs in their  lifetime. Even more disturbing, NIDA’s Monitoring The Future survey  discovered that over 9% of 12th-graders have consumed Vicodin without  a valid prescription in the past year alone!.

The  abuse of prescription drugs is a major source of concern among the  medical community, as the issue has consistently been overlooked by  the authorities in favor of the more high profile psychoactive drugs  such as cocaine, heroin and their derivatives. This is despite the  fact that abuse of prescription drugs stands just behind marijuana as  the most reported cases of substance abuse in North America. The easy  availability of prescription drugs means that the problem is not one  that is going away anytime soon, and we look forward to how our  candidates intends to tackle the issue.


‚ÄĘ I believe that prescription drugs should be supplied if people can‚Äôt afford them.

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