Stem Cell Research


Stem cell research has seen its  potential for progress being curtailed drastically by a myriad of  political, religious and ethical issues – and there is even  opposition from within the medical community itself – which led to  the banning of embryonic stem cell research by former President Bush,  which was later revoked by President Obama in 2009.

Proclaimed  as possessing the potential to provide the cure for deadly diseases  such as cancer and spinal cord injuries, the concept revolves around  the idea that infusion of stem cells into the body of victims will  compel the regeneration of damaged cells.

The  controversy over this technology is centered on origin of the stem  cells, as the cells are most easily harvested from human fetus. The  fear is that people may begin to grow fetuses for the express reason  of harvesting the stem cells, and in the process, murdering the  technically human fetus.


• I think that research on stem cells, both fetal and adult, should be unrestricted.

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