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In  evaluating the effectiveness of our national trade policy, a look at  our trade surpluses, or rather, deficits, provides a most telling  answer. Our deficits for the past 16 years have crossed the six  billion dollar mark, and the deficit with China alone accounted for  almost half of it, at 270 billion. As our economists struggle to  explain these staggering numbers, China has quietly accumulated in  excess of two trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves  during the same period.

This  imbalances of our trade deficit, along with the inherent  disadvantages that our manufacturers and industries face owing to our  labor and environmental policies, that is not being asked of their  foreign competitors, are just some of the more pertinent issues that  needs to be tackled by our presidential candidates before we even  move to issues involving North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)  and the World Trade Organization (WTO).


• I think that globalization is here and if we don’t take advantage of trade opportunities we’ll pay a price.

• I believe that business leaders, not diplomats, should negotiate trade agreements for the US.

• I would use tough negotiations instead of protectionism.

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